becoming a listener
(available in Chinese)

18 lessons in listening with 18 real-life stories. We explore how the art of listening acts as the foundation of maintaining human relationships and becoming a guardian for one another. May we embrace the art of listening through the ups and downs in life.

Co-authored by persons with lived experience, Psychologist and the general public.

Publisher: Enrich Culture | Price: HK$118 [online purchase]

Available in Eslite and other major bookstores  [Google e-copy]

"In a chaotic society, maintaining peace of mind is crucial in striving forward together with our loved ones. Learning to be a better listener plays a huge role."

- Vivian W. W. Tam (Lecturer, CUHK School of Journalism and Communication; Independent Reporter)

Media Coverage (available in Chinese):


家人政見不同避談敏感話題 心理學家:吵架或可昇華關係免壓力爆煲

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Reonion with myself
(available in Chinese)

Storytaler collaborated with Rehabilitation Services of Hong Kong Caritas in the hope of promoting the importance of self-care under different circumstances.

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unless i am multiple
(available in Chinese)

As a supporting organization, Storytaler co-organized the "Unless I am Multiple" workshop and published a workbook under the same theme with The Warehouse Teenage Club, in the hope of exploring different emotions with participants.

The project is one of the selected proposals of the HK Youth Art Summit: Art・Life・Live, organized by The Warehouse Teenage Club and funded by Youth Development Commission. 

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