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We collaborate with different partners to co-create innovative exhibitions that offer space for mental health conversation. Through the exhibition, we advocate for equality, diversity, and humanity. 


“To Tag / Not To Tag” Exhibition


An Immersive art experimental space: “To Tag/ Not To Tag” Exhibition was divided into five areas. Through interactive art installations, participants could experience the key messages of the entire exhibition: Letting go of prejudice, understanding, and togetherness.


The exhibition lasted for 3 days, more than 1300 people joined the exhibition.


"Think Good, Talk Good” Exhibition

(7 - 8.2021)

StoryTaler was honoured to be invited by Zurich Insurance Company (Hong Kong) to take part in their 60th birthday anniversary “Think Good, Talk Good” Campaign. Joining hands with them, we installed a big telephone booth, which had a sign language interpretation service. With the concept of positive psychology, it created an opportunity for our local community to connect with each other. Also, there was another area called "Whispering, Listening" for particpants to listen people’s stories sharing. Last but not least, there was a huge telephone installation for photo taking.


The exhibition lasted for 18 days, more than 5000 people joined the exhibition.


"AC-COM-PA-NY” Exhibition


StoryTaler as a co-organizer of this exhibition.

The homophonic of "Accompany" is "I am willing to accompany you". Everyone is constantly traveling on the journey of accompaniment. Sometimes, we are accompaniment, or sometimes we are being accompanied.  In this exhibition, we invited you to join our journey of accompaniment through visiting different checkpoints, such as the virtual reality (VR) experience, multimedia and interactive experience devices, large balloon devices, TourHeart storytelling day, and TourHeart psychoeducational talks. This exhibition was in the hope of sharing inspiration on how to be an accompanist as well as a person being accompanied by others, and being each others’ listener. There was a sign language interpretation and oral imagery service, which allowed participants with different needs to enjoy the exhibition.


The exhibition lasted for 3 days, more than 1500 people joined the exhibition.



“I am not fine” Exhibition


When we are being asked the question “How are you?”, we tend to automatically respond with “I’m fine” – even when we are barely fine at that moment. The “I Am Not Fine” exhibition advocated the theme of “it is fine to not be fine” in the hope of breaking the myth of “remaining positive all the time”.


The exhibition lasted for 7 days which attracted over 3000 participants to visit physically, and 230,000 participants joined it online.

Media coverage (available in Chinese):

Ming Pao Weekly (12/2018) 覺得唔好無乜唔好 用溫度打開心扉

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