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《Becoming each other’s listener》

(Available in Chinese only)

It has been an honour that this book received a publishing award from Hong Kong Publishing Biennial Award 2021. 

Everyone has the needs of listening to others and being listened to by others. Through the 18 lessons on the topic of listening with real-life stories, together with some small exercises, this book gradually allows us to learn to become each others' listener. 


Co-authored by persons with lived experience, psychologists and the general public.

Publisher: Enrich Culture Group

​Available in:

* 《Becoming each other’s listener》 has been launched on Readmoo and Pubu (the Taiwanese E-book Platforms), Hope to have more opportunities to reach more e-book readers.

# Hong Kong Public Libraries "JoyReadClub" e-book user guideline  

Brief Introduction

Are you ready to enter your inner world? We have to put aside our problem-solving, and allow ourselves to start listening:  


Listening To Ourselves. Taking good care of ourselves allows us to understand others better. Please spend more time listening to your tiredness, your impatience, your weakness and your worries….  


Listening To Others. Be there and purely companion. Putting aside the sense of superiority of listening to others, putting aside the assumption of each other, we, with curiosity, allow ourselves to be here and now, and to be connected with each other.


Being allowed to be listened to. Feeling exhausted? Want to have someone be there and listen to you? Come! I am here to be with you. 

The world will be totally different if everyone is willing to listen and is knowing how to listen.  

Book Reviews

"In a chaotic society, maintaining peace of mind is crucial in striving forward together with our loved ones. Learning to be a better listener plays a huge role."​    - Vivian W. W. Tam (Lecturer, School of Journalism and Communication, CUHK; Independent Reporter)


“This book came to me just in a moment when I started self-reflecting. Grateful that this book taught me a meaningful lesson: Reading each small exercise from the book, it helps us gradually understand our true self, guides us how to get along with ourselves, shows us how to take care of others and how to listen to others as well as ourselves.”  - Ms. Florence Chan(《Mad World》 Screenwriter )

Media Interviews (available in Chinese only)


家人政見不同避談敏感話題 心理學家:吵架或可昇華關係免壓力爆煲

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