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Products and Media Design

Media Design


Mind Health Program


Storytaler provided a mental health workshop with the colleagues and clients of Mind Health Programme and produced a series of videos on mental health experiences, which are available on the “Mental Health Guru” interface in the Emma by AXA App for clients and colleagues to stream anytime.


"Why Tag Me" Video Production


Through the video, we aim to get across the message that stigmatization could be conceptualized into a needle, poking irrevocable scars on people with lived experience. We hope that the audience would be motivated to put down their needles on their hands, look beyond the label of “mental illness” and listen to the stories behind stigmatization.​

The video has more than 23,000 views.

Product Design

Local organization.jpeg


Well-being Quotes Card Design


Collaborated with a local company, we have cocreated a set of 5 Well-being Quotes Card for their staff. Through out the supportive quotes collected from their own employees and illustrations, we hope to promote the importance of creating a healthy work environment as well as reminding ourselves to taking a good self-care when we read our own words.

UST wellness and counselling center.jpeg


Christmas Card Design


We are glad that StoryTaler is invited by Counselling and Wellness Center, The Hong Kong Univeristy of Science and Technology (HKUST) to design a Christmas card for their students. The theme of this design is diversity and inclusion. The Christmas tree is composed of different shapes and colours, just like human beings have different shapes and colours. We hope to share the important message that we all have overlaps, similarities and difference.   



Christmas Card Design


We are glad that StoryTaler is invited by S&P Global Ratings to design a set of 10 Christmas postcards for their colleagues to deliver their festive greetings. Through a set of 10 heart-warming quotes and illustrations, we hope to remind each other to take care of ourselves and have a jolly time in Winter.


The /Listen/ Silver Earring


Collaborated with My Little Thing co-designing the “Listen” silver earring. When we are wearing this earring, it serves as a reminder for ourselves as well as for others to truly “listen” to the bits and pieces of our lives.


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