Storytaler is invited to provide mental health related activities in the corporate setting, in the hope of motivating participants to take better care of themselves.

We provide content in in:

  • Self-care and stress reduction

  • Mindfulness

  • Sharing of stories

  • ​Other tailor-made content


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Past partnerships:

AIA | AXA | Jardine Matheson | BUPA (Hong Kong) | Zung Fu | Jardine Restaurant Group | Gain Miles | King & Wood Mallesons ...

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Storytaler is invited to hold workshops, trainings or sharing in schools and corporate on mental health and stigmatization.

"The sharing of real-life story reminded me to care for and listen to others more proactively.

Past partnerships:

Diocesan Girls' School | St. Joseph's College | Munsang College (HK Island) | The Chinese University of Hong Kong | The Hong Kong University | The Education University of Hong Kong | Hong Kong Baptist University  | TWGH | New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Centre | The Society of Rehabilitation and Crime Prevention | Richmond Fellowship| The Edu Lab ...

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(Webinar is also available)

Storytelling Day

What would you relate with the term “mental illness”?


There is a lot of mysteries evolved around mental illness, most of which are misunderstanding and prejudices such as “mental illness = losing their minds + abnormal”, “people with mental illness = insane and dirty”. Sometimes, the common judgment in the society caused the isolation of the persons with lived experience. Storytelling Day is an opportunity to connect people with lived experience with the general public in the format of a dialogue. When people with lived experience share their story, participants experience their ups and downs of their mental landscape, hopefully with one takeaway in mind: we are no less the same, yet no less different with the people with lived experience.

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Storytaler collaborated with partners in different fields, and participated actively as guests and speaker of various activities in the hope of advocating for mental health.

Past events:

“Mad World” Seminar

Skyhigh Creative Partners “Who else is absent” Seminar

Media coverage (available in Chinese):

一念無明 X 說書人座談:精神健康不是病人的事,是每一個人的事