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本服務是說書人為參與了 PowerUP 僱員支援計劃的僱員提供電話心理支援服務,服務由心理健康導師提供,宗旨是為受輕中度情緒困擾的僱員提供有系統的電話心理支援。心理健康導師持有心理學學士學位,並接受過訓練以認知行為治療為原則的低密度心理治療,協助受輕中度情緒困擾的人士。


本服務費用全免,第一節會談約 60分鐘,心理健康導師會評估及了解你的狀況,若適合服務,心理健康導師會提供共六至八節會談,每節約45分鐘。如要取消或改期,請最遲在會談當天中午十二時前電郵通知。




本服務非緊急服務,必須在24小時前預約。如你的情況緊急或嚴重,請使用其他機構設立的求助熱線,例如:緊急求助熱線(電話:999)、撒瑪利亞會(電話:2896-0000)、醫院管理局 24 小時精神科熱線(電話:2466-7350)。






Terms of Service
*Important: our service will be ended on 31 December 2023. 


This telephone psychological support service is provided by StoryTaler for employees who have joined the PowerUP program. The service is provided by a Well-being Coach. The purpose is to provide systematic telephone psychological support for employees with mild to moderate levels of psychological distress. The Well-being Coach holds a bachelor's degree in psychology and has been trained in low-intensity psychological interventions based on the principles of cognitive behavioral therapy to support people with mild to moderate levels of psychological distress.


This service is free of charge. The first session takes about 60 minutes. The Well-being Coach will evaluate and understand your condition. If the service is suitable for you, the Well-being Coach will provide a total of six to eight sessions (45 minutes each) of telephone support. If you want to cancel or reschedule the appointment, please notify us by email before 12 noon on the day of the appointment. 


StoryTaler will report the total number of service users and total service hours of the month as well as the severity and causes of psychological distress anonymously to your company*. StoryTaler will not disclose any personal information to your employer. All personal information and conversation records will be kept confidential (except for personal safety, danger to others, or due to court orders). 


This service is not an emergency service and must be reserved 24 hours in advance. If your situation is urgent or serious, please use the helpline set up by other organizations, such as: Emergency Helpline (Tel: 999), The Samaritans (Tel: 2896-0000), Hospital Authority 24-hour Psychiatric Hotline (Tel: 2466-7350). 


If you have any questions, please email us:


*The effective date of this term is 1 September 2021. Any service users registered before 1 September will be excluded from the monthly report. StoryTaler will only report the total number of service hours as they agreed to the previous terms and conditions.

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