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Feeling low?

Lack of motivation?

Having worries?

Difficult to relax?

You are not alone

StoryTaler provides An One-To-One Online Audio/ Virtual Psychological Support Service for employees

with mild to moderate depressive and anxiety symptoms:

  • Learn tools from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to relieve distress

  • Explore how to face mental health challenges

  • Understand resources in the community


(This service is not an emergency service. If your situation is urgent or serious, please click here to check on other available services).

Service Features

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​Online Application

≥ 24 hours enrolment before session


Initial Assessment 

1st session around 60 minutes, 

to understand your situation 


Online Audio or Virtual Service

Convenient for working adult


Service Duration

6 - 8 sessions in total​, 

around 45 minutes each



Follow-up by the same Well-being Coach,

tailor made for individual needs


Psychological Tools  

To learn different psychological tools with practices, and apply in your daily life.

For any enquiries, please contact us at

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