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Our Services

Our online psychological services offer a empowering emotional support tailored to the services users who above 13 years old Hong Kong residents*. Below are the services we provide:

*A guardian consent is required for service users who are under 18 years old. 

Clinical Psychological Services

Clinical psychological service is offered for those who are experiencing long-term common mental health disorders, emotional difficulties, and/ or facing interpersonal, family-related or adjustment issues.

This service is provided by Clinical Psychologist or Trainee Clinical Psychologist (under supervision). 

​*IQ assessment, neuropsychological assessment and other psychological assessment which request physical assessment tools through the session (e.g. EMDR) will not be offered here. We will recommend alternative options if needed.

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Low-intensity Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Businesswoman with Mask

A 8-12 sessions of low-intensity congitive behavioural therapy (LI-CBT) is offered to those who are currently experiencing emotional difficulties and/or facing short-term life challenges. Different from the traditional high intensity (HI) expert-led treatments, LI-CBT treats mild to moderate common mental health problems over shorter length of treatment intenventions through books, classes, computers and online resources (Williams and Morrison 2010) .


This service is provided by Wellness Coach who are trained in low-intensity cognitive behavioural therapy (LI-CBT) with bachelor degree of psychology background. 

Counselling Services

A 8-12 sessions of counselling service is offered to those who are currently experiencing short-term emotional difficulties and/or facing life challenges. ​


This service is provided by counsellors

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Peer Support Services

High School Friends

This is a supporting service of sharing a recovery experience of a great degree from a mental health challenge with those who are undergoing similar problems, and hopefully support them in the recovery journey.

This service is provided by peer support workers.

Psychological Self-help Resource

Service users will have free access to all psychological materials prepared by Jockey Club TourHeart+ Project (JCTH+).

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